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This site used to be the home of the free ASP application One Web MP3 Server. As One Web MP3 Server is no longer being developed and the forum data was lost due to evil hacking types, I have decided to use the domain for another purpose. The Last versions of the application are still available for download from this page.


One Web MP3 Server is a free ASP application that turns your MP3 collection into a website.It allows you to quickly access your music over a local network or even the Internet. Now you can browse, search, create playlists and listen to your files using one interface, from any remote computer. Use the built in player for ultimate simplicity or stick withyour preferred MP3 player, such as Winamp.

For installation details and more information view the readme file contained in the download.


  • Browse your MP3 collection from any remote computer, through your local network or over the Internet
  • Stream MP3s using the built in player or your preferred MP3 player
  • Quickly search for albums and songs, even with large music collections
  • Create custom playlists
  • Save and merge playlists
  • Drag and drop playlist sorting
  • ID3 tag reader


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One Web MP3 Server 3.0

One Web MP3 Server 2.1


One Web MP3 Server 3.0

One Web MP3 Server 2.1

7 Responses to “Oneweb MP3 Server”

  1. John Says:

    How can OneWebMP3 be installed on Centos?

    Windows has too many file share restrictions and I am moving to CentOS 5.


  2. Jimmy Says:

    Your going to have to install something like Apache on your linux box. If you do, you have to make sure you install ASP because unlike a IIS server it doesnt come automatically installed.

  3. Andreas Krueger Says:

    It is possible to use an external tool for indexing mp3-files ?
    The webserver always timeouts ( ~140000 files in 1600 folders) !

  4. Andreas Krueger Says:

    add note : i have set “indexingTimeout” to 600000

  5. Jim Aikey Says:

    I’m trying to get your script to work on IIS on a Windows 2003 server but can not get into the admin area. I haven’t changed the default username and password for the app yet I can log into the main area but get a “Server 500″ error whe I go to the admin page. Any ideas what I may be doing wrong?

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